Combis – Coordinated Clothing for Military, Professional, and Leisure

A combi offers practical full-body clothing that ensures comprehensive protection for the body. Combis from the ASMC shop can be used for various purposes, ranging from tank commanders to pilots and workwear in automotive workshops.

Tips for Wearing a Combi

As a practical one-piece garment, it is crucial to pay attention to the correct size, as standard clothing sizes for jackets and trousers do not necessarily harmonize. Manufacturers of combis provide valuable size tips for selecting the right model. Since the combi is worn continuously for several hours in any field of application, comfortable and well-fitting attire is essential.

There are also significant differences in the arrangement of inner and outer pockets, which are indispensable depending on the clothing's field of application. For military and security sectors, selecting a combi with a belt is also recommended, allowing additional suspension.

Questions: Combis

How is the combi fastened?

Almost without exception, full-length center zippers are used, optionally these closures are also available on arms and legs to facilitate dressing and precise fitting.

Are combis offered with lining?

Especially for outdoor use in military and civilian sectors, various combis with soft and synthetic lining are offered, which can even be removable depending on the model.

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