Sun Protection is Essential for Perfect Outdoor Preparation

A reliable sun protection is essential for a comprehensive all-round equipment on discovery trips, which should be selected according to the climate of the respective travel area. Adventure travels can be severely disrupted by painful sunburn.

The Correct Use of Insect Protection

The instructions for use accompanying the insect protection products should be thoroughly read. Only in this way can sufficient protection against insects be ensured. Insect repellents for the skin often need to be applied some time before exposure, should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and have a limited duration of effectiveness, which should be observed. Also, insect bite removers or packages for snakebite treatment must be used correctly to ensure their function. * Insect protection for every situation guarantees unspoiled outdoor fun * The travel area determines the precise protection. Which temperature intervals insect repellents may be exposed to, combined with their effectiveness, play a significant role. Products for the treatment of insect bites provide soothing relief when injuries occur, which is almost inevitable in certain travel destinations or outdoor activities. Also, research on local insects is important to equip oneself with appropriate first aid kits. Because not only those who obviously have "sweet blood" and are thus the favorite of mosquitoes, as the saying goes, are often not immune to mosquito and insect bites. But even normal, non-biting flies can be quite annoying. Therefore, appropriate insect protection tools are extremely important.

The Correct Use of Insect Protection

The so-called clickers are a revolutionary aid for those who have rash or swelling from insect bites. Hold the clicker to the spot and press it 5 times, immediately there is noticeable relief and the swelling subsides. A small electrical impulse is generated by a quartz, which enhances the skin's self-healing. Unbelievable but true, it works perfectly and lasts a long time. Above all, the "active ingredient" of the insect repellent never goes out of fashion, which is of course very advantageous in remote corners of the world.

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