The Underneath is Almost as Important as the Over

T-shirts should be able to handle every adventure. Basics from ASMC are essential for a cohesive outfit and overall concept. Whether in the outdoor area or in leisure time, they ensure comfort zone certainty!

Why Slipping in and Feeling Good Are So Important

Good leisurewear is just as much a must-have for hobbies and missions as fitness and motivation. Casuals like t-shirts, tanks, and polos must meet various requirements. 'No scratching', 'breathable', and 'goes with everything' are ideal properties for active textiles. Leisurewear also reflects current trends. However, a robust appearance alone is not enough. Fit and high-quality materials should match the challenges of activities and the preferences of the wearer, whether it's a fun, party, or nerd shirt with camouflage pattern.

Identify yourself!

Whether in action, sports, or club life: Trendy sport outfits immediately raise the pulse when they convey a sense of belonging within a team and a memorable message. Looking good while doing it is even better! Meaningful logos, battle-tested military patterns, and colors signal self-awareness and confidence in any terrain. Naturally, your favorite shirt also makes a good impression outside the training ground, forest, or duty.

We offer numerous shirt variations in our shop. To determine the right size, we recommend referring to the ASMC size chart, which lists various clothing sizes.

Questions: T-Shirts

What are performance shirts?

When things heat up outside: High-tech fibers help the body efficiently cool overheated muscles. Performance shirts leave a minimal, cooling perspiration layer on the skin's surface. Excess moisture is directed outward and evaporates. These tactical shirts also have antibacterial properties to inhibit body odor. The body-hugging shirts feature controlled stretch properties. Besides outstanding functionality, they provide tremendous wearing comfort through special cut shapes and leave no pressure marks.

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