Robust Ammo Boxes from ASMC

Ammo boxes are used for transporting and securely storing ammunition. Originating from the military, they are labeled after being filled or packed according to their contents: Information on the caliber, type of projectile, and quantity are collected on the outer walls of ammo boxes. At ASMC, you will find a wide selection of versatile storage options, both in new and used conditions. Our range includes Swiss or US Army ammo boxes.

Ammo Boxes for Everyone – Robust, Versatile, Durable

Ammo boxes are mostly made of metal, known for their high durability. In contrast, ammo boxes made of impact-resistant plastic are noted for their waterproof nature. Another significant advantage of plastic ammo boxes is their resistance to rust.
Although these sturdy storage boxes originated in the military, they are also of great interest to civilian users. Private users appreciate these extremely robust ammo boxes for securely storing various equipment. Having proven themselves over many years in military settings under strict controls, ammo boxes are trusted for their reliability and functionality by diverse user groups.
Typically available in NATO olive of the US Army, these boxes are printed with yellow labels providing information about their contents, such as caliber, quantity, or projectile type.
In addition to replicas, ASMC offers plenty of original used goods from military stocks. As a result, some of our ammo boxes may show minor storage and usage marks, which do not compromise their functionality and reliability. Our used ammo boxes from military stocks appeal to collectors and users alike with their subtle used appearance.

Original Ammo Boxes and Replicas from ASMC: Organization with Style!

Generally speaking, ammo boxes with simple snap closures should not be used for actual ammunition storage but are a popular choice for home use. After all, such a box can store a variety of items, such as photos. This brings organization with style!
Ammo boxes can also be used in hobbies and professions, not just households. For example, they serve as toolboxes or sturdy containers for outdoor activities. They are particularly useful on longer outdoor trips for safely transporting useful or valuable items.
However, it should be noted that compared to plastic or wooden ammo boxes, traditional metal ammo boxes tend to be heavier and thus pose a greater burden. With their convenient carrying handles, they are easy to transport and securely close with the usual side locking mechanism. If the side locking mechanism is insufficient, most ammo boxes can ideally be locked with a padlock.
The great advantage of ammo boxes is that they keep their contents dry, protect against impacts, and can even serve as emergency seats during camping! Whether you store firearms, hunting or paintball ammunition, airsoft pellets, or glass and porcelain in your ammo boxes, it doesn't matter!
If you are looking for a solid and robust storage solution that withstands damage and adequately protects your equipment, you should seriously consider buying a small or even large ammo box!

FAQs: Ammo Boxes

How to Maintain Order in Ammo Boxes?

Some ammo boxes are equipped with multiple small compartments where different bullets, projectiles, and cartridges can be organized. This keeps everything neatly stored and readily accessible when needed.

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