Pillows are not to be underestimated even on the go

While traveling, on military missions, hiking, camping, or in outdoor settings, practical pillows are essential for a comfortable sleep. When not in use, they can be folded compactly for storage.

Travel pillows are easy to use and transport

Travel pillows, such as neck pillows, are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry in a bag or backpack. These pillows come in classic rectangular or square shapes. Alternatively, neck cushions can be used. When outdoors, sleep is often limited, making the quality of sleep even more important. A pillow is nearly indispensable in providing head and neck support for a comfortable sleeping posture, even in tents or open terrain. Additionally, carrying a seat cushion can enhance comfort during breaks. For added comfort during outdoor adventures, hammocks are ideal for relaxation.

Pillows come in various types

Our shop offers customers practical travel pillows in many different types. They vary in size, color, and shape, suitable for sleeping or sitting. Foldable pillows are particularly advantageous as they save space during transport. Neck pillows are available in the classic curved form or as straight neck support. All pillows are equipped with high-quality padding and are easy to clean.

Expert Tip: What to do when no (head) pillow is available?

For instance, fleece jackets are ideal substitutes for head pillows and are usually carried during outdoor activities. One slight drawback is the inability to protect the upper body from cold. Thus, one can kill two birds with one stone by wearing the jacket during the day and using it for sleeping at night. A major advantage is the ability to adjust thickness, which isn't possible with regular pillows.

Questions: Pillows

How can one make older pillows (cases) fluffy again?

There are various tips circulating on the internet. One involves washing the cover, filling it with tennis balls, and putting it in the dryer. Another method is to remove the filling (if not bird feathers), wash the cover, and fluff it up after washing. Down pillows can also be put in the dryer, but only during the cold cycle.
Since these tips are gathered from various sources, we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Can any pillow be used for babies?

No, it's not recommended. There are specific pillows, such as those from Babydorm, designed with a hollow for the baby's head. This prevents accidental sliding and ensures the baby sleeps on their back, reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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