High-Quality Shoe Care for Military Boots, Trekking Boots & More

Well-maintained footwear not only looks good but also better fulfills its protective role for feet and legs. From handy shoe cream to comprehensive shoe cleaning sets, our shop offers a variety of items for a clean appearance.

Choosing and Using Shoe Care Products Correctly

When selecting shoe care products, material and color are the most important criteria. Classic shoe cream can enhance the color appearance, while beeswax and similar products provide shine and protection.

For genuine leather, waterproofing spray is the right choice, sprayed from a few centimeters away. This treatment helps leather maintain its supple character, making footwear comfortable to wear and ensuring longer durability.

Shoe bags are ideal for safe and convenient transportation, available in larger sizes for boots as well. Their advantage lies in easy attachment to equipment, such as via lace cords.

Questions: Shoe Care

What is referred to as a Swiss shoe polishing set?

This is a practical collection for shoe care, including brushes of various sizes and small spatulas, all kept together in a handy carrying case.

Can shoe cream repair existing damage?

Shoe cream in the shoe or boot color can visually cover cracks and damage easily, but the footwear remains damaged and may lose its hermetic function, for example.

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