Outdoor Lighting and Flashlights from ASMC

Especially during the dark time of the year, one appreciates every light source. At ASMC, you will find a huge selection of outdoor lighting and flashlights for every taste. Manufacturers like Surefire, Walther, or Nextorch are just a few of our premium brands that have firmly established their products in the market. We offer a large range of powerful outdoor lighting for camping or night hikes. Browse through our comprehensive product range of outdoor lighting now and find your new companion for the grey season!

Flashlights as Compact Outdoor Lighting

Everyone knows them and has probably used them multiple times: flashlights. They are the ideal light source for on-the-go and fit into almost any bag. Whether in a jacket, handbag, or backpack - if you are outdoors for a long time and even until after dark, you should carry this practical outdoor lighting in your luggage.

Flashlights from Walther, Nextorch, and Co. are available in different sizes and brightness levels. At ASMC, you will find a comprehensive product range of outdoor lighting that offers the right solution for every preference.

But flashlights are not only useful for those spending a long time outdoors. Especially in the dark season, they provide sufficient light for walking the dog in poorly lit areas, allowing you to see your surroundings adequately.

Our product range includes space-saving mini flashlights, keychain flashlights, and extremely bright, advanced LED lamps. Explore our extensive assortment now and find your new companion for the dark season!

Outdoor Lighting for Every Application

However, our range of high-quality outdoor lighting products includes much more than flashlights. In our lighting category, you will also find a wide selection of headlamps and the batteries needed for them.

Lastly, at ASMC, you can also purchase glow sticks as well as various candles and torches that should not be missing on your next outdoor adventure. Additionally, we offer high-quality night vision devices that provide you with a good all-around view in darkness and capture everything in your surroundings well.

Of course, we also stock the necessary accessories for our outdoor lighting products. This includes battery holders, cable switches, practical lamp holsters, and small MOLLE pouches where you can store your light sources. This ensures your lamps are always within reach and optimally protected against falls or external influences.

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