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Every trekking tour or expedition entails risks and uncertain food supply situations. ASMC demonstrates how to mitigate these circumstances.

How to Use Outdoor Kitchen Food, Trekking Food, and Individual Rations Correctly?

Preparing food for outdoor meals is straightforward. Freeze-drying reduces each ingredient to a minimum and packages them as complete servings. Thus, trekking food, similar to astronaut food, boasts a long shelf life and occupies minimal space and weight in your gear.

Which Outdoor Food is Right for Me?

While traveling, trekking, on expeditions, and adventures in hot or cold regions, during mountain tours, and at sea, carrying at least one ration of trekking food is advisable. These extremely lightweight foods ensure a nutrient-rich and varied diet even in the remotest areas or unforeseen situations. Trekking food eliminates the risk of food shortages even during strenuous physical exertion. A single portion provides sufficient carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Meals from the packet: Freeze-dried food is available in various flavors and package sizes (e.g., "Big Packs") such as breakfast (like muesli with fruits), main meals (pasta, rice, potato, poultry, fish, and meat dishes), soups and stews, desserts and sweets (like chocolate mousse, pudding), as well as vegetarian, lactose-free, or gluten-free options. These complete meals are long-lasting without refrigeration and generate minimal waste.

Expert Tip:

What Can Serve as a Pot Substitute for Cooking Food?

When preparing food in the midst of nature, pots may sometimes be scarce. However, large leaves are often available, such as those from banana plants. These are ideal as wraps for cooking food. Depending on the leaf's texture, multiple layers may be necessary to prevent burning. Prior research on available plant species with large leaves and their non-toxicity is recommended before the journey or tour.

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What Types of Food Packages Does Our Assortment Include?

Bundeswehr Group Rations: Beverage extracts, morning, midday, or evening meals for 20 people in various combinations.

Daily Packages:

Compilation of a daily ration similar to an EPa with an adapted daily calorie consumption for cold or warm regions.

Canned Meals:

Canned bread (whole grain slices, free from preservatives, resealable metal can) as well as bratwurst or Krakauer in curry sauce and hamburger for warming in the can.

Air-dried, Smoked Meat:

Ready-to-eat meat snack from lean, differently seasoned beef, turkey, or chicken with high protein, vitamin, and iron content.

Versatile Outdoor Food (Pemmican):

Concentrated food with high energy content that can be eaten plain, as a spread on bread, as a soup ingredient, and in other dishes.

Emergency Kit:

Compilation of a 30-day emergency food supply with all meals for one person.

Emergency Food/Ration:

High-carbohydrate, purely plant-based food enriched with vitamins and minerals, easily and quickly prepared with drinking water. Essential in emergencies with access to water. Each ration contains beverage extracts and covers the energy needs of an adult for up to two days.

Survival Ration:

Lightweight, compact food concentrate with high caloric content that ensures survival in emergencies, indispensable in activities such as mountaineering.

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