Equipped with Stable Chest-Rigs Like Professional Military

The chest-rig, used militarily as a chest or equipment belt, provides space for countless accessories during maneuvers and other activities. At ASMC, we show what to consider when choosing the right variant.

Using a Chest-Rig Correctly – What to Consider?

Attaching a new rig can be somewhat complicated, especially for beginners; essentially, the system of straps and belts is worn like a classic top. Since the chest belt is typically worn under jackets and possibly other clothing, ensure a secure and comfortable fit of the chest-rig before putting it on. After attaching the carrying system, check if all pockets and compartments of the belt are easily accessible and can be opened with one hand.

Especially for military use, it is essential to be able to access all items on the body directly and easily. When filling the individual pockets, ensure an even distribution of weight and a sensible distribution. Even if the individual items fit closely to the body, an asymmetrical distribution will become noticeable quickly – the longer you are on the move with all the gear.

Choosing the Right Models for Your Own Endeavors

For purchasing the best rig, a crucial question is how much space is needed for tools, magazines, provisions, or other items. Not every maneuver and every recreational or semi-professional undertaking requires the same amount of accessories, which should be reflected in the dimensions of the chest-rig. This also affects the number and position of the attachment loops and rings, which should always provide a secure fit under any load.

If your body measurements are not standard, check beforehand if the loops can be adjusted according to individual needs. The chest-rig originated as a practical carrying system for the military and is therefore often available in camouflage colors. In addition, there are also variants for private use, serving as helpful accessories for recreational tours, scout trips, or similar activities.
If you are purchasing a carrying system for private use, smaller chest-rigs may suffice at a lower cost. These often come with lighter weights due to thinner materials.

Individually Customizable

Chest-rigs with MOLLE system offer a variety of attachment options thanks to standardized loops that can even extend across the entire area of the shoulder pads. Thus, it is up to you how many storage options you want to attach to the carrying system. MOLLE stands for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment –

Expert Tip: A MOLLE Chest-Rig is

Literally – for carrying. It was developed as a military system for attaching and carrying equipment and items, characterized by a standardized attachment base made of textile fabric (carrying straps) that are connected to the rig with multiple seams.

Questions: Chest-Rigs

Chest-Rig or Tactical Vest?

Chest-rig, such as the popular MK II, or a tactical vest, that is the question here. Especially soldiers, hunters, and airsoft players should consider both concepts. In everyday life, a lot of equipment has to be carried. Not all parts can be stored in a backpack, some items need to be within easy reach, e.g., flashlight, knife, safety glasses, etc. Two solutions are available to carry the full equipment: the chest-rig and the tactical vest. The choice between them often depends on the area of application and personal preferences.

The Tactical Vest

The tactical vest offers a variety of small and large pockets: There is a suitable pocket for every piece of equipment. The pockets are arranged so that everything can be easily accessed. Tactical vests have the advantage of evenly distributing weight across the entire body, as they also have pockets on the back. This creates a small disadvantage of the system: backpacks cannot be used anymore.

The Chest-Rig

The rig is the modern solution for transport. It consists of a stable carrying system. A module is attached to the carrying straps, on which numerous large and small pockets can be attached. Thus, every item finds its place. Unlike the vest, there are no pockets on the back. The major advantage of the chest-rig is the ability to carry backpacks without restrictions.

Are there special versions for women?

Chest-rigs, e.g., from TacGear, are unisex carrying systems available in various sizes. It is recommended for women (who are generally smaller than men) to choose smaller sizes to ensure optimal wearing comfort and a good fit.

How to best clean the systems?

A mild detergent (Sensitive) with a soft brush (never use steel brushes) and clear water is best. Caution: Do not put the items in the washing machine or dryer, as the material could deform due to high temperatures. Dry slowly at room temperature, not in the sun or over an open fire.

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