Radios, Pocket Compasses, and More in a Wide Selection at ASMC

Navigation devices and more are an important part of personal equipment for anyone who enjoys spending time in nature. Radios or Pocket Compasses provide hikers with the necessary orientation in the terrain and off marked paths. To ensure you don't stray from your planned route even under the toughest conditions, you'll find a wide range of useful navigation aids here at ASMC. Whether Altimeters, pocket compasses, GPS devices, or radios: We have everything you need to get to your destination safely and should not be missing from your equipment! Browse our extensive range of navigation products now and find your new travel companion!

Safely Reach Your Destination with Pocket Compasses from ASMC

Our pocket compasses lay the foundation for you to reach your destination safely at any time. They are an important part of outdoor equipment and should not be missing from any backpack.

In addition to determining your current location, they also help you find the right way to your destination. Pocket compasses are particularly compact and therefore easily fit into any equipment.

If you want to use your pocket compasses with a map, make sure your pocket compass has a transparent base and north-south lines. For determining exact distances, there are also pocket compasses equipped with a ruler. For altitude readings, a magnifying glass can ensure accuracy.

Radios as an Important Part of Outdoor Equipment

Radios are just as important as pocket compasses for outdoor activities. They enable network-independent communication in remote areas and can quickly summon help in an emergency.

These useful gadgets are usually sold in pairs. This way, radio users can stay in constant contact even within a dead zone. Because they are tuned to each other, radios connect directly with the partner device when turned on, enabling prompt communication.

Radios have proven their worth many times, especially on solo tours in the terrain. To call for help as quickly as possible in an emergency, they should not be missing from your equipment.

Always Reliable Navigation with ASMC

Radios and pocket compasses are far from the only navigation tools available. Altimeters, GPS devices, or pedometers, which document your paths, are also essential in the terrain. Another indispensable component for navigation, especially at night, are our Flashlights and Headlamps. They not only provide safety in the dark but also the necessary visibility to recognize obstacles and find paths.

In our extensive product range, you will find everything you need for the outdoors! With the radios, pocket compasses, and more from our assortment, you'll always reach your destination safely.

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