Always Well-Equipped for Any Sleeping Situation Outdoors with ASMC Hammocks

ASMC offers a wide range of outdoor hammocks, perfect for any situation under the open sky. Whether with a mosquito net for tropical nights or in camo design for discreet camping in nature – find the ideal hammock for your next adventure at ASMC.

Outdoor Hammocks Are Versatile

Outdoor hammocks not only serve relaxation but are also a practical tool for various outdoor activities.

Relaxation Outdoors

Hanging a hammock in your garden or on the terrace creates a personal oasis of tranquility. Here you can escape everyday stress, read a good book, or simply watch the clouds. Outdoor hammocks are the perfect place to let your soul dangle in the warm season and enjoy a break in nature.

Comfortable Sleep While Camping and Trekking

For outdoor enthusiasts, hammocks are a real upgrade compared to sleeping on the hard ground. They can be quickly attached between two trees, giving you a comfortable bed for the night, protected from ground moisture and crawling insects. Additionally, the gentle rocking lulls you into a restful sleep.

Weight Savings When Backpacking

When traveling with light luggage, every weight saving is golden. Hammocks are lightweight, can be folded compactly, and fit in any backpack. So you always have a practical sleeping option without sacrificing comfort. This makes them an indispensable piece of gear for backpackers.

Outdoor Photography and Nature Observation

For hours spent in nature, whether for wildlife observation or the perfect photo shot, a hammock provides a comfortable spot. Unlike standing or sitting on the ground, you tire less quickly and can enjoy your surroundings from a stable and comfortable vantage point.

Recovery After Adventure Sports

After a strenuous day of physical activities like climbing or hiking, a break in the hammock is the ideal way to relax your muscles while enjoying nature. It offers a unique retreat where you can recharge and admire the beauty of the landscape from a new perspective.

What Should I Consider When Using Hammocks?

Before using a hammock, be sure to read the instructions. These provide valuable tips on how to attach and use your hammock. Hammocks must be securely fastened on both sides. Otherwise, they can slip and cause bruises or even minor injuries. When getting into the hammock, briefly check its stability. As they tend to sway a bit, entry should be done with care.

Which Hammock Is Right for Me?

The choice of the right hammock depends on various factors, including the place of use, personal preferences, and specific needs. Here are some points to help you find the ideal hammock for you:

Outdoor vs. Indoor

Outdoor hammocks are ideal for use outdoors, made from materials that withstand moisture and UV radiation – perfect for camping, trekking, or the garden. Indoor hammocks, on the other hand, with softer fabrics and appealing designs, fit well in the living area. They offer a cozy retreat that seamlessly blends into your interior decor. Whether outside in nature or indoors in the comfort of your home, the right hammock is waiting for you.

Bar Hammock vs. Fabric Hammock

Bar hammocks, equipped with spreader bars at both ends, keep the fabric open and provide a stable lying surface – ideal for sunbathing or relaxing in the garden, as they make getting in and out easier. In contrast, fabric hammocks without bars create a traditional and cozier atmosphere by enveloping the body and providing a sense of security. They are particularly suitable for cooler areas or when you want to enjoy the gentle rocking of a hammock.

Special Hammocks with Mosquito Nets or Camouflage Elements

Hammocks with mosquito nets are perfect for trips to tropical areas or places where mosquitoes can be annoying. The net provides protection from insects, allowing you to sleep or relax undisturbed. Camouflage hammocks, on the other hand, are the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to blend seamlessly into nature, ideal for hunting and observation trips.

Expert Tip: Special Hammocks as a Small One-Man Tent

If you are looking for a true all-rounder for your outdoor adventures, then special hammocks that can also be used as small one-man tents are just the thing for you. These ingenious constructions offer you the flexibility to sleep securely on the ground or suspended between two trees, safe from crawling insects. Thanks to the integrated all-around mosquito net, you can also rest assured under the open sky without being disturbed by pesky insects.

Material and Design

When buying a hammock, three main factors are crucial for your comfort and the durability of the product. First, the material plays a significant role: while nylon and polyester are appreciated for their lightness and weather resistance, making them ideal for outdoor use, cotton offers a softer and more pleasant surface, especially suitable for indoor use. Next, design and color come into play. You should choose something that reflects your personal style. ASMC offers a variety of options, from plain colors to camouflage patterns. Finally, consider the type of hammock: net hammocks are excellent for hot climates due to their improved air circulation, while hammocks with insulation systems and continuous lying surfaces provide more stability and are better suited for cooler environments. The choice ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences.

FAQs: Outdoor Hammocks

What Determines the Lying Comfort of a Hammock?

The size and shape, and where your hammock is attached, significantly determine the lying comfort. The wider, the better the lying position. Hammock beginners tend to choose bar hammocks. True experts prefer models without spreader bars. Additionally, cotton hammocks are softer than nylon ones and have a higher lying comfort.

Is It Bad If the Hammock Gets Wet?

In principle, you should protect hammocks from moisture and wetness. If your hammock is made of nylon, wetness does not play a particularly big role, but models made of cotton fabrics should be hung to dry as quickly as possible.

The Hammock Sags, What to Do?

If you prefer to lie on one side of the hammock, that side will stretch faster due to the one-sided load. This causes it to sag more on that side, which can affect sleep comfort. To counteract this, simply lie on the other side as well, and the problem will resolve itself.

How Do You Get into a Hammock?

Getting in requires practice. You should make sure to enter with your butt first to distribute your body weight as evenly as possible. If this is taken into account, the rest goes almost by itself. To get up, simply hang your legs out of the hammock and stand up. But be careful: no sharp objects in the hammock!

How High Should a Hammock Be Hung?

The hanging height should be about 70% of the total length. The further apart, the better. For a 4-meter hanging distance, a hanging height of just under 3 meters is recommended. Always hang hammocks as high as possible.

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