Wide Range of High-Quality Bundeswehr Clothing for Women and Functional Outdoor Clothing for Women

Whether for training or combat: With ASMC's Bundeswehr clothing for women, you are optimally equipped for all challenges in your daily service life. Thanks to its reliable, robust materials combined with numerous tactical features, Bundeswehr clothing for women is also popularly worn in leisure time. It is increasingly used as outdoor clothing for women due to its high-quality craftsmanship. Browse through our comprehensive range of tactical Bundeswehr clothing for women now or find your perfect companion for the next hike among a wide selection of durable outdoor clothing for women!

Versatile Bundeswehr Clothing for Women for Every Purpose

For military, police, and other special units, Bundeswehr clothing for women is an essential part of the service equipment. But even outside of training and combat, the field-tested Bundeswehr clothing for women is popularly worn.

It is characterized by a variety of tactical features that, combined with top-quality materials, ensure optimal performance in every situation. The extremely robust Bundeswehr clothing for women is therefore also frequently used as outdoor clothing for women.

Users also benefit from odor-resistant fabrics that can be worn comfortably over several days, proving ideal as outdoor clothing for women, especially on longer trekking tours.

Not least, Bundeswehr clothing for women is distinguished by numerous pockets strategically placed to keep necessary equipment within easy reach. Outdoor enthusiasts also appreciate this feature, finding ample space for their gear in outdoor clothing for women.

Reliable Bundeswehr and outdoor clothing for women has proven itself in challenging situations. Manufactured according to strict military specifications, Bundeswehr clothing for women promises optimal performance and protection in every situation.

These qualities make our Bundeswehr clothing for women a reliable and proven choice as outdoor clothing for women.

Well-Equipped with Outdoor Clothing for Women from ASMC

True to the belief that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, at ASMC we deliver top quality and the appropriate outdoor clothing for women to protect you in any weather.

Whether it's softshell, merino, or hardshell: The specific wearing properties of our outdoor clothing for women ensure you're never left in the lurch and guarantee optimal comfort in every situation!

Thanks to climate-regulating materials, body temperature is maintained at an optimum even with significant temperature fluctuations. As a result, our outdoor clothing for women ensures the necessary comfort during sweat-inducing activities and delivers optimal performance in every situation.

At ASMC, you'll find the perfect outdoor clothing for women for various outdoor sports and different weather conditions. From functional shirts to moisture protection jackets and cold protection pants, our range of outdoor clothing for women includes everything that excites the heart of an outdoor enthusiast.

How to Best Combine Outdoor Clothing for Women?

For outdoor activities, we always recommend the layering principle, also known as the onion principle. This divides outdoor clothing for women into 3 layers:
The base layer consists of baselayers, which can be functional underwear that protects against cooling down and transports excess heat.
As the middle layer, midlayers are used, which are warming layers such as fleece vests and softshell jackets.
The outermost layer of the layering principle consists of shell layers, which are outdoor or Bundeswehr clothing for women that provide insulation and act as protection against wind, cold, and moisture. These can be, for example, hardshell jackets that are particularly durable and simultaneously windproof and waterproof.
For the perfect combination of your outdoor outfit, you can also rely on the excellent wearing properties of our Bundeswehr clothing for women. Our Bundeswehr clothing for women also confidently protects you from wind and weather and is the ideal companion for outdoor tours.

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