Identifiable with ASMC's "Dog Tags"

Our identification tags, also known as "dog tags," ensure optimal identification and make a clear statement. We show what matters in the selection and use.

Considerations When Using Identification Tags

Our identification tags (EKMs) can be easily and conveniently worn around the neck. The material is robust and sturdy, with high resistance to corrosion. Therefore, our identification tags do not require maintenance. When attaching the identification tags to a collar, care must be taken to ensure that it is properly secured and the tag is securely attached. Otherwise, there is a risk of the tag slipping off or getting lost. A small hole is provided for attaching our identification tags, through which smaller chains and ropes can be threaded.

Choosing the Right Tag or EKM

The choice of identification tag depends not only on individual taste but also on specific needs. We offer a variety of different identification tags so they can be selected based on personal requirements.

Our identification tags can be used for various purposes. Among our identification tags are those for signalers, army aviation, legionnaires, reconnaissance, supply, artillery, and scouts.

In addition to official identification tags such as the Bundeswehr identification tag, we also offer those with individual engraving. The text can be personally selected and engraved afterward in specialized workshops. Therefore, they are also ideal as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or other annual events.

Some of our tags are designed as bottle openers, making them practical everyday items as well. The final choice depends on personal preference.

Expert Tip: Understanding the Markings on the Tags

There are also special cases, such as creating an emergency tag for epileptics, containing key information, immediate measures, or a caregiver's phone number, which the person can comfortably wear around their neck permanently.

However, even with EKMs for "normal" use, there are certain standards to identify the markings. For example, during the Wehrmacht era, the tags indicated the infantry regiment of the wearer and their blood type.

Frequently Asked Questions: Identification Tags

Where does the term "dog tag" come from?

There is no complicated explanation as one might assume; they are called that because they strongly resemble the identification tags commonly used for dogs.

Why are two tags usually used?

Since these tags come from military use, one tag is intended for the soldier's burial, while the other remains with the military.

What are the tags usually attached to?

The tags are usually worn around the neck. A so-called ball chain is used for this purpose, which is named after its construction consisting of small balls. To prevent the two tags from rubbing or clinking together during movement, rubber edges are often added to the metal tags.

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