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Shorts or briefs are the perfect attire for summer months and various leisure activities. Military-style is becoming increasingly popular, allowing wear of camouflage even in warmer climates.

Find and Order the Right Military Shorts at ASMC

The shorts presented here combine a distinctive look with practical advantages tailored to your comfort and intended use. For example, those going on trekking tours with their military shorts or planning other activities will prefer models with multiple securely closable pockets: the so-called cargo shorts. These spacious pockets are perfect for storing small, essential items like pocket knives, multitools, or other outdoor equipment conveniently and within reach. Before purchasing, it's important to check whether there are zippers or buttons to close the pockets, or if they remain open. Another selection criterion is the leg width. While vacation shorts are more casual, other models can be tied at the leg cuff to ensure a snug fit. Therefore, consider the presence of elastic bands or similar closures when making your purchase. See the ASMC size chart for more details.

Expert Tip: One Pair of Pants for All Areas

The so-called zip-off trekking pants are the perfect companion for the outdoors. Made mostly from lightweight materials, they quickly transform, thanks to the zip-off legs, into airy shorts or 3/4 pants. Equipped with elastic inserts at the waist and adjustable width through a drawstring, the pants fit perfectly.

Questions: Shorts

Are these genuine military shorts?

Many of the shorts presented here have a camouflage look reminiscent of the attire worn by US soldiers or military personnel from other nations. Often, it's just the appearance that gives them genuine military charm, but our shorts also offer practical benefits, such as securely closable inner pockets.

What are the variants of genuine military shorts?

In addition to the camouflage look, ASMC also offers solid-colored models. These are subtly and darkly colored, while also offering the practical benefits mentioned.

What types of shorts are there?

Shorts are versatile and come in many variations. Whether swim shorts, Bermuda, combat, sports, vintage, nylon, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) shorts, or boxer shorts - they all share one thing in common: they are short pants and are especially essential in hot deployment areas.

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