Hydration Packs and Hydration Bladders for Hiking, Sports, and Tactical Use

Whether for biking, climbing, or hiking, hydration packs have proven to be particularly useful and are now a standard part of many backpacks. The hydration bladders are placed inside the compartment of the hydration packs. From there, a tube exits through the corresponding opening of the backpack, allowing easy access and quick fluid intake at all times. Browse through our wide range of hydration packs and hydration bladders to find your new companion for the next outdoor adventure.

Practical Hydration Packs for Sports and Leisure

Thanks to a removable drinking unit accessed externally via a tube, you can have quick fluid intake without stopping. This is particularly beneficial for athletes who no longer need to pause due to the practicality of hydration packs and hydration bladders.

Sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers benefit from our high-quality hydration bladders and hydration packs, ensuring consistent hydration and easy handling. Our manufacturers like Camelbak or Source offer hydration bladders in various sizes, guaranteeing optimal comfort for all activities.

What is the Suitable Size for Hydration Systems?

In the ASMC product range, you will find hydration packs and hydration bladders for every need. Users can choose between volumes ranging from 1 to 6 liters and adjust their companion according to the tour's requirements.

While the smaller size of hydration bladders suffices for competitions or short half-day trips, larger volume hydration packs are preferred for day or multi-day hikes.

The season should also be considered when selecting the appropriate hydration bladders. With higher fluid intake needed in summer compared to winter, a larger hydration bladder is recommended on warmer days.

How Can I Clean Hydration Packs and Hydration Bladders?

It is recommended to purchase a suitable cleaning kit at the time of purchase. The included cleaning brush helps maintain the hydration systems in their original condition for as long as possible.

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