Effective Cold Protection and Thermal Underwear at ASMC

For those who want to avoid freezing in winter, winter clothing is essential! ASMC offers a variety of thermal underwear and insulated winter clothing to confidently endure cold days. Renowned manufacturers like Woolpower, Aclima, or Brynje excel with functional winter clothing and thermal underwear, providing maximum cold protection in frosty temperatures.

Winter Clothing from ASMC for Cold Days

With winter clothing and thermal underwear from ASMC, you are optimally equipped for the cold season. Featuring Carinthia, Leo Köhler, and UF Pro, we have plenty of effective cold protection for soldiers and more in their everyday service life.
But outdoor enthusiasts will also find plenty of cold protection options at ASMC. Whether it's functional thermal underwear from Brynje and Icebreaker or proven winter clothing from Miltec: Anyone looking for civilian cold protection for leisure and everyday life can choose from over 150 different products.

Thermal Underwear Made of Merino - Alternative Natural Material, Maximum Cold Protection

Many renowned manufacturers of effective winter clothing use the renewable natural material merino wool as the basis for their warming, functional thermal underwear. Brands like Icebreaker or UF Pro utilize this effective raw material for their winter clothing, harnessing the natural protective properties of sheep's wool.
The special wearing properties of merino wool keep the body warm in winter, making it ideal for thermal underwear. However, the comfortable wearing properties go far beyond that, making merino wool winter clothing climate-regulating and extremely durable. Thermal underwear made from merino fiber is not exclusively for cold protection: It also insulates on warm days, regulating body temperature and keeping heat away.

The Carinthia HIG - Professional Cold Protection for Everyday Service

With the Carinthia HIG, we offer the perfect cold protection for professional users and anyone facing bitter cold in their tough everyday service life! The HIG jacket from the High Insulation Garment range in German 5-color Flecktarn is THE ultimate cold protection jacket and an indispensable part of winter clothing for Bundeswehr soldiers.
This model provides reliable cold protection in temperatures down to -20°C and has proven itself in many deployments of the German armed forces. The outstanding functionality thanks to the waterproof and windproof GORE Windstopper has been convincing professional emergency responders for years with uncompromising functionality and absolute top quality.
But the HIG jacket is also available in civilian plain colors for daily use: If you want to equip yourself with professional cold protection for everyday life and leisure with high-quality winter clothing, the Carinthia HIG jacket is definitely the right choice.

Questions: Cold Protection and Thermal Underwear

What is the suitable cold protection?

For optimal cold protection, we recommend a combination of functional, wind- and water-repellent outerwear paired with appropriate thermal underwear. Winter clothing is usually worn in multiple layers, allowing you to easily remove a layer as needed and react flexibly to weather changes.

What is the correct size for winter clothing?

Thermal underwear forms the bottom layer and should therefore fit close to the body to avoid pressure points.
For jackets or thermal pants that serve effective cold protection and are worn as the outermost layer of clothing, we recommend choosing a size larger. This allows for easy variation in the layers worn underneath and provides enough space for an additional intermediate layer. Additionally, winter clothing that is too tight often leaves more room for cold, as it makes it more difficult to regulate the climate.

What makes effective cold protection?

It is important that the materials protect against wind and moisture. In addition, winter clothing, especially thermal underwear, should have climate-regulating properties to transport excess heat away from the body while still providing insulation against external influences. For reliable cold protection, thermal underwear made from high-quality merino wool does an excellent job: Here, the natural protective properties of sheep are advantageous and ensure optimal body climate during all activities.

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