Mark your laundry & Co. with individual name tags from ASMC

Whether as a label for private or professional laundry or as a marker for equipment on an excursion – ASMC name tags enable robust and creative naming of equipment.

ASMC name tags for clothing and equipment

The clothing labels presented here are made of durable fabric such as cotton and can be easily sewn onto all kinds of textiles. It is common to attach them to the inside of the collar in shirts or jackets, depending on the area of use and object, other positions may be preferred. Most ASMC name tags are offered in multiple versions, such as a set of 5. When equipping equipment with individual "name tags", make sure to purchase a sufficient number to cover all items in your own equipment.

Expert tip: Glow-in-the-dark name tags are readable even in the dark

For those who travel a lot in the dark or at night, there are glow-in-the-dark name tags that make it much easier to recognize individuals by their name tags - even in the dark. They usually store daylight or flashlight light using the fluorescence process and slowly release it without further power supply.

Questions: Name tags

Can all ASMC name tags be customized?

All name tags can be printed/embroidered, for this, contact ASMC at the time of ordering and specify the desired name print. It should be noted that when ordering a set of name tags, the same print will appear on all tags.

What should be considered when ordering the tags?

Depending on the size and type of name tags, the item is limited to a maximum number of letters that can be printed on the textile labels. For longer names or special requests, make sure to choose accordingly to provide everyone in the group or club with perfect name tags.

What is the purpose of the name tags presented here?

Our tags are preferably ordered by clubs and institutions, as well as by companies providing workwear in the workplace. As a versatile shop for items in military optics, many laundry labels also adopt this design. The choice of tags in camouflage or dark colors often matches the preferences of military enthusiasts and their clothing.

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