High-Quality Sleeping Bags for Warm Outdoor Nights

Sleeping bags ensure warm nights and a comfortable, warm sleep. Here's what to look out for.

What to Consider When Using Sleeping Bags?

Sleeping bags can be opened and closed using a zipper. Before getting into the sleeping bag, open the zipper. Once inside, close the zipper for optimal space utilization. A small pack size is extremely important here.

Our sleeping bags are made from warming, weather-resistant materials. Most variants can be used outdoors. For quick and easy transportation, the sleeping bag should be rolled up and placed in a compression sack. The sleeping bag protects against cold and ensures a cozy, warm sleep. The high quality guarantees long-lasting durability.

Which Sleeping Bag Is Right?

When selecting and purchasing sleeping bags from our range, you can't go wrong. All our sleeping bags come in olive green or other green shades, making them ideal for tactical maneuvers and suitable for both summer and winter use. They blend seamlessly into the environment and are lightweight with no conspicuous colors.

The size of sleeping bags can vary. Brands specializing in sleeping bags, such as Carinthia, offer various types and sizes that should be chosen according to personal needs. A length of 200 centimeters should be sufficient for the tallest user. The sleeping bag should never be too small, as it could restrict movement and reduce warmth retention, leading to an uncomfortable sleep. Larger sleeping bags offer maximum mobility and comfort.

The weight of a sleeping bag is also important; an ultralight sleeping bag makes transportation easier.

Expert Tip:

How to Wash/Clean Sleeping Bags Properly

While not always necessary, sometimes a sleeping bag needs washing. Handwashing in the bathtub is recommended. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Fill the bathtub with a small amount of water and detergent. If there is an inlett, remove it first. Place the sleeping bag in the tub and knead it thoroughly. After cleaning, drain the water, wring out the sleeping bag, and rinse it several times with clear water.

To dry, use a sturdy drying rack in the bathtub. Hang the sleeping bag to drip dry. Consider using waterproofing sprays if needed, as indicated in the care instructions.

Questions: Sleeping Bags

What Types of Sleeping Bags Are There?

Blanket Sleeping Bags: The classic shape, suitable for mild temperatures.

Egg or Drop-Shaped Sleeping Bags

A compromise between blanket and mummy sleeping bags, offering more movement freedom.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Ideal for cooler temperatures and winter, designed to fit the body's heat zones.

How to Find the Right Size/Fit?

Ensure no extra space in the sleeping bag, as excess space is hard to warm. The right shape, like a mummy sleeping bag, which fits the body, is crucial to avoid unnecessary air spaces.

What Features Should You Look For?

A hood or thermal collar can prevent body heat loss from the head. Zippers often have a cover strip to retain warmth and prevent injuries.

What Is Differential Cut?

Modern sleeping bags have multiple layers with different sizes to prevent compression of the filling material.

What Does Coupling Mean in Sleeping Bags?

For use as a double blanket, buy two sleeping bags of the same model with matching zippers. Usually, there are right and left models based on zipper placement. Without a need for an insulated bottom or hood, two right or left models can be coupled.

What Filling Materials Are There?

Down or synthetic fillings. There are no significant disadvantages to either, but high-quality down is recommended. Myths about down absorbing moisture are often overstated. Invest in quality down for better performance.

What Is Fill Power?

Fill power, measured in "cuin" (cubic inches per ounce), indicates down quality. Higher values mean better insulation.

What Is Loft?

Loft measures the ratio of pure down to supporting feathers. For example, 80/20 means 80% pure down and 20% support feathers.

How to Store Sleeping Bags?

If the sleeping bag isn't wet, air it out and store it loosely in a textile bag, like those for under-bed storage, or wrap it in an old bedsheet. Avoid compressing to maintain filling integrity. Special storage bags are also available.

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