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Pedometers, or step counters as they are known in the field, are small, lightweight, and practical devices that can be carried in a pocket or attached to a belt. They analyze the step frequency taken within a specific period of time.

Pedometers are Very Easy to Use

Carrying such a device is useful for all outdoor activities and sports, where analysis of the step frequency within a certain time frame is desired. These devices can be used not only for sports, but also for walking or simply running to determine how much movement accumulates in a day. The application is very simple. The pedometer is simply placed in the pocket or attached to a belt. There are different models with various attachment options. Except for one model, all devices operate on a battery or rechargeable battery, which should have sufficient energy reserves for the intended period of use. After activation, the device records all movements and counts them as steps. The frequency is displayed on the screen. The display can be reset and restarted as needed.

There are Different Types of Counters?

At ASMC, various types of devices are offered that can be attached in different ways. Additionally, sizes vary so that the customer can tailor the device to their needs. Pedometers, such as those from Silva, impress with simple operation and low battery consumption. Many models include a button cell battery integrated into them. Depending on usage frequency, this can last up to a year and is very easy to replace. Pedometers are available at different prices and can be color-coordinated with clothing.

Expert Tip: Smartphones Can Also Serve as Pedometers

With the help of the right app, a modern smartphone with its many sensors can also function excellently as a pedometer. The motion or vibration sensor of the mobile phone is queried frequently, quickly capturing the steps of a moving person. However, the biggest disadvantage of this solution quickly becomes apparent: the battery life of smartphones. Such a continuously active app that also queries sensors naturally consumes a lot of power.

Frequently Asked Questions: Pedometers

What happens to the count when a break is taken?

For example, when hiking, breaks are inevitable. Modern pedometers simply stop counting as they recognize this.

How accurate are these devices?

Since they usually work with a small mercury contact or an electronic (gyro) sensor, inaccuracies can inevitably occur. Uneven ground or irregular walking rhythm can exacerbate this effect.

How are the devices attached to the body?

Many models simply fit into a pocket. Some come with straps for hanging around the neck. Others are supplied with an armband so they can be worn around the arm or leg.

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