Bundeswehr Glasses and Military Sunglasses in a Wide Selection at ASMC

Whether for daily service, airsoft games, or hiking - protecting our eyes should always be a priority. We offer a wide range of high-quality Bundeswehr glasses and military sunglasses that guarantee maximum protection and also excel in appearance. Manufacturers like 3M, Revision, and Oakley have already made a name for themselves in the industry by delivering high-quality Bundeswehr glasses for both service and everyday use. We also cater to civilian users looking for military sunglasses. Browse through our extensive product range now and find your new companion for service and everyday life.

Jeder kennt sie, jeder braucht sie: Gürtel als wichtige Bundeswehr Accessoires für Soldaten

Both during exercises and in combat, the protection of our eyes should always be a priority. With ASMC's Bundeswehr glasses, you benefit from the extensive expertise of our top brands. Manufacturers like Revision or 3M expect outstanding quality from their military sunglasses, along with appealing aesthetics.

The applications of our Bundeswehr glasses extend far beyond daily service. Even outside the military, users benefit from high-quality craftsmanship and robust materials known for their durability and resilience.

Military sunglasses are available in various designs and are typically classified according to DIN standards. For effective protection, many of our Bundeswehr glasses are equipped with special plastics that increase scratch resistance and protect against breakage and splinters.

Military Sunglasses for Every Occasion

Whether for airsoft games, hiking, or daily service: the applications of our Bundeswehr glasses are versatile and cover almost every area. Military sunglasses are known for their high stability and are designed to withstand the conditions of field and combat operations with ease.

Due to users being mostly on the move, our Bundeswehr glasses provide excellent grip during all activities. Furthermore, our military sunglasses are lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit.

We also offer Bundeswehr glasses specifically designed to be worn under helmets, ensuring they do not press against any part of the head and do not hinder the user.

The suitability of each military sunglasses model depends on the specific product. When choosing your new Bundeswehr glasses, pay special attention to the UV protection provided. For instance, glacier glasses require a significantly higher protection factor compared to military sunglasses worn in urban settings.

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