Practical Tank Suits by ASMC

Practical full-body clothing, the popular flight suits, are worn not only in military everyday life. These tactical one-piece suits consist of trousers and a long-sleeved blouse that are interconnected. Our flight suits from manufacturers like Fostex or TOE Concept offer maximum comfort during all activities. The range includes as-new flight suits to used surplus items worn, for example, by the Bundeswehr in everyday service.

Practical Flight Suits for Work and Leisure

Tank suits have established themselves in military use for decades and are always popular. These one-piece garments consist of tactical trousers and a long-sleeved blouse and are cut particularly wide. As a result, flight suits offer exceptional comfort during a wide range of activities. Due to their comfortable wearing properties and enormous freedom of movement, these popular tank suits are increasingly being worn even in urban areas and are increasingly worn in leisure time.

Our flight suits originate from various armies, such as the Bundeswehr or the French military. For those who prefer a civilian look, you can choose your new tank suit from plain colors like olive or gray or opt for various camouflage patterns. We also have several one-piece suits available in German flecktarn or fleckdesert camouflage for those who prefer to wear their flight suit in a specific camouflage pattern.

The Special Features of Flight Suits

Flight suits combine a number of positive features that also offer significant added value in civilian life. Flight suits are not only visually advantageous but are also typically water-resistant and breathable due to their sophisticated material composition. The breathable material fiber of flight suits ensures optimal air circulation, preventing unpleasant sweating.

Flight suits are suitable for both winter and summer wear. Their generous cut provides enough space to comfortably wear thicker clothing underneath. Another major advantage of flight suits is their ease of use: the durable Bundeswehr overalls can be put on without much effort and are closed with a front zipper.

Typical features of flight suits include name tags and rubber patches indicating the weapon class and unit, which can be attached to Velcro patches located on the chest or shoulders. A high-quality pair of sunglasses perfectly complements the masculine appearance. Thus, flight suits are not only incredibly practical but also fashionable and attractive!

Expert Tip: Tips for Wearing Flight Suits

When it comes to practical one-piece suits, it is important to pay attention to the correct size, as the standard sizes of jackets and trousers do not necessarily harmonize with each other. Manufacturers of flight suits usually provide valuable size tips to help you choose the right model. In addition, many flight suits tend to be relatively large, so it may be advisable to order them two sizes smaller depending on the circumstances. Since flight suits are worn continuously for several hours in any application, comfortable and well-fitting sizing is essential.

There are also significant differences in the number and size of internal and external pockets, which are essential depending on the application of the clothing. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how many and especially how large pockets the respective suit offers, so that you can tailor your choice to your personal needs. For military and security sectors, it is also advisable to purchase a flight suit with a belt that allows for additional suspension.

Questions: Military Suits

What are Flight Suits?

Flight suits are generally Bundeswehr overalls. These one-piece garments, also known as tank suits, resemble the typical "blue suit." The functional suit with exceptionally high comfort originated in the air force and quickly established itself in military use.

Furthermore, later the tank crews were also provided with such a suit. While the one-piece suits used to be worn only by soldiers, this is by no means the case today. Flight suits are so functional that they have now proven themselves in many applications.

For example, tank suits are popular in agriculture or worn by fishermen – basically by anyone who works outdoors in the cold. Flight suits, on the other hand, are mainly used in everyday life, especially in workshops – preferably in blue.

What Makes Tank Suits Special?

The unbeatable advantage of tank suits over other similarly comfortable clothing is that they cannot slip down in the lower back area, especially when bending over.

With a flight suit, you have a practical full-body garment that provides comprehensive protection for the body. At ASMC, we offer a wide range of tank suits for various purposes in our shop. It doesn't matter if you're a tank driver, pilot, or auto mechanic – you'll definitely find the right one-piece suit for you!

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