Nutritional Supplements – An Everlasting Discussion

Who doesn't know it? After an extensive training session, you've completely exerted yourself and want to do something good afterwards. Relaxing sauna sessions, gentle massages, or simply resting are proven methods to recharge, but they take time and are not effective enough for many. This is precisely why many athletes are tempted to consume nutritional supplements. There are many discussions about whether nutritional supplements are beneficial for athletes who already have a balanced diet. While an unsporting person doesn't transform into a professional athlete through nutritional supplements, they can indeed support athletes in their activities. It's important to pay attention to exactly which nutritional supplements you consume and in what quantities. As long as inferior nutritional supplements or overdoses are avoided, they generally do not harm the human body.

Why Do Athletes Use Nutritional Supplements?

Most athletes use nutritional supplements to support recovery, maintain health, enhance performance, prevent/treat illnesses, and compensate for a balanced diet.

What Are Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional supplements are officially defined as foods intended to supplement the general diet. They are concentrates of nutrients or other substances with specific nutritional or physiological effects. They are offered for sale in a dosed form, especially as capsules, lozenges, tablets, pills, or in powder packets, liquid ampoules, and bottles with dropper inserts. It is important to mention that they are not pharmacy-restricted and can be purchased anywhere. Most products offered for athletes are powders or capsules, but there are also effervescent tablets, gels in packets or tubes, and so on. In any case, they are dissolved in water or taken orally with any liquid, not injected or infused. Categories for the ingredients of nutritional supplements may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, as well as various plant and herbal extracts. In addition to probiotics, substances like caffeine, creatine, L-carnitine, or Coenzyme Q are marketed as performance enhancers related to nutrition. Nutritional supplements generally include performance-enhancing substances, such as multivitamin supplements or protein concentrates. However, nutritional supplements are not on the doping list; nevertheless, it must be mentioned that they could theoretically be contaminated with doping substances, but this is usually only the case with low-quality nutritional supplements. Therefore, it is especially important for athletes to carefully consider which nutritional supplements they consume!

Carbohydrate Gel

ASMC does not offer pills and capsules in the area of nutritional supplements, but rather gel, powder, and effervescent tablets. The Isostar Energy Gel is a liquid carbohydrate gel, conveniently dosed in single-use packaging, especially suitable for athletes to support during training sessions and competitions. The gel is easily digestible, and the fruity flavors of banana and strawberry make it a versatile supplementary food, although it should be consumed with an additional 200 milliliters of fluid. The gel is available in two flavors, with the other flavor being neutral and containing no caffeine. Generally suitable for all sports, it should ideally be consumed during exertion.

Protein Powder

The High Protein 90 is a high-quality protein powder for maintaining and building muscle mass. It also aims to increase strength, support fat burning, and optimize recovery. It is suitable for consumption before and after training, mixed with water, milk, or combined with cereal and yogurt. It is generally suitable for all strength sports and short, repeated physical exertions.

Electrolyte Drink

The Hydrate & Perform drink powder is an electrolyte drink that supports athletic performance. The drink is designed to help with hydration control, endurance enhancement, and recovery optimization. The refreshing flavors of cranberry or grapefruit make it a tasty beverage that enhances endurance and improves water intake, especially during longer and more intense training sessions. It is recommended to consume 150-300 milliliters of the drink during the warm-up phase and then 150 milliliters every 15 minutes during and after exertion, by mixing three heaped tablespoons with 500 milliliters of water.

Effervescent Tablets

The Isostar effervescent tablets are dissolved in water before consumption. Each small package contains 10 tabs, with two tabs requiring 500 milliliters of water. They are optimal for carrying with you and consuming them anytime before training. The effervescent tablets improve water intake during sports, are rich in vitamins, and have a refreshing lemon flavor. They support hydration control, endurance enhancement, fat burning support, and recovery optimization, making them best suited for short and intense athletic activities.

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