EPA at ASMC – High-Quality Trekking Food for Extreme Conditions

For outdoor enthusiasts embarking on demanding wilderness adventures, proper nutrition is crucial. This is where EPA (Einmannpackungen) comes into play – specially developed trekking food tailored to meet the needs in extreme conditions.

What Makes EPA Food Stand Out?

High Durability and Robustness

EPA food is designed for long shelf life. Through advanced preservation methods such as freeze-drying, nutrients and flavor are retained while minimizing weight and volume. This way, EPA food withstands harsh conditions and remains stable even under extreme temperature fluctuations or high humidity.

EPA Food Has High Nutrient Density

Each portion of EPA food offers you a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. This is crucial to provide you with energy and support your body during long hikes, mountaineering, or other outdoor activities.

Easy Preparation

The preparation of EPA food is simple and usually only requires the addition of water. Some variants, such as our canned bread, can even be consumed without the addition of water, which can be advantageous in situations where water is scarce.

High Variety of Flavors

The variety of EPA flavors and meals offered by ASMC, from breakfast options like chocolate muesli to hearty main dishes and desserts, ensures that your diet does not become monotonous on longer tours.

Vegetarian, Lactose-Free, and Gluten-Free EPA Food

Our range also caters to special dietary needs. We offer numerous vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-free alternatives.

Buying EPA: What You Should Consider

Buying EPA Bundeswehr: Consider the Purpose and Duration of Your Tour

Short Trekking Tours (1-2 Days): For short hikes, lightweight, quickly prepared EPA options such as freeze-dried fruits, nut mixes, or energy-rich snacks like energy bars are ideal. These provide you with quick energy and are easy to carry.

Multi-Day Mountain Tours: For multi-day mountain tours, you need EPA food that is rich in calories and nutrients to meet the increased energy demand. Meals like TrekN Eat canned bread or high-calorie single packs from the Bundeswehr are recommended.

Longer Expeditions: For longer expeditions, it is advisable to choose a variety of EPA food that offers different nutrients and flavors to prevent palate fatigue. Here, combinations of main meals, snacks, and high-energy foods like pumpernickel or canned meat dishes can be useful.

Storage and Weight of EPA Trekking Food

On your next outdoor tour, you should pay attention to lightweight packaging and long shelf life of your EPA. Choose freeze-dried meals if you value low weight and space savings. For tours where you rely on long-term storage, products like canned bread or durable snacks are ideal. This selection ensures you have reliable, nutrient-rich food that meets your energy needs without adding unnecessary weight to your gear.

Expert Tip: What Can Serve as a Pot Replacement for Cooking EPA Trekking Food?

If you are out in nature and don't have pots available to prepare your EPA trekking food, you can use large leaves as an alternative, for example from banana plants. Simply wrap your food in the leaves. They are excellent as a cooking wrap. Sometimes it is better to use several layers to prevent your food from burning. Depending on the type of leaves, you can warm or cook the food directly in the fire or on glowing coals. However, make sure to inform yourself before your trip about which plants with large leaves are found in your destination area and which of them are non-toxic.

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