Combat Helmets and Replicas from ASMC

We offer a wide selection of military helmets for collectors or as upgrades to your own equipment. Among ASMC's combat helmets, you will find a broad range of classic steel helmets and detailed replicas, including the historic Pickelhaube of the Prussian era. We carry various military helmets in our inventory, originating from sources such as the Bundeswehr, as well as from the American and Russian armies. Browse through our extensive offering now to enhance your collection or equipment with your new military helmet.

Combat Helmets and Their Applications

Combat helmets have their origins in the military, providing reliable head protection for soldiers on the front lines. Military helmets are typically made from steel or aramid and are considered essential equipment for every military service.

Combat helmets are known for their relatively light weight, high level of comfort, and superior protection. Meeting the highest safety standards, combat helmets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform well under tough conditions faced by our armed forces.

Our range of military helmets includes models made from robust ABS plastic and other proven materials, ideal for activities such as airsoft or paintball where they provide reliable protection.

For collectors, we offer a variety of detailed replicas of helmets used by national and international armies, including the Bundeswehr, US Army, and helmets from the Russian and British armies.

Ballistic Military Helmets for On-Duty Protection

To prevent serious, long-term head injuries, combat helmets are an essential component of a soldier's basic equipment. Military helmets not only protect against direct gunshot wounds but also shield the head from fragments and shrapnel caused by pressure wave impacts or nearby explosions.

Ballistic combat helmets offer optimal protection in demanding operational environments, significantly reducing the risk of severe or fatal head injuries. Designed for maximum wearer comfort, military helmets typically feature an ergonomic shell and are lightweight.

Varieties of Combat Helmets

A FAST helmet, used by numerous military and police special forces, stands for "Future Assault Shell Technology." These armored military helmets are characterized by their lightweight construction, often incorporating high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers. FAST helmets, such as those used by the Norwegian Army, are designed to provide optimal head protection and accommodate communication devices like headsets with their enhanced shell cut over the ears.

Another type is the PASGT helmet (Personal Armor System for Ground Troops), typically made from aramid fibers, offering ballistic protection against fragments and more. PASGT military helmets are compatible with night vision devices, gas masks, and communication systems.

MICH helmets (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet), used by the US military, are well-regarded for their wide field of vision, making them suitable for infantry operations. These helmets can be equipped with various communication instruments.

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