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Machetes & the Law: Tips and Advice on Machetes and Their Use

Machetes resemble sabers in their shape. The large blade allows enough momentum to cut through dense vegetation. Despite primarily being tools, machetes fall under weapons laws. It is prohibited to carry single-handed knives with a fixed blade longer than 12 centimeters. Transport should always be in a locked container. In Germany, individuals under 18 years are not allowed to purchase machetes!

An important characteristic of a good machete is its head-heaviness, enhancing cutting power and making work easier. The blade steel should be easily sharpenable, as after heavy use, sharpening may quickly become necessary. Using a machete requires caution, especially considering the space needed for swinging.

Applications of Machetes

Machetes are incredibly versatile tools that you can use in various areas.

Machetes for Outdoor Adventures

When hiking or camping in densely vegetated areas like tropical rainforests or other dense vegetation areas, a longer machete (between 45 cm and 60 cm) is ideal for efficiently clearing a path through thick greenery.

Machetes in Gardening

Whether thinning out your bushes, removing weeds, or cutting thick and tall grass, our machetes can handle these tasks effortlessly. Machetes are also excellent for chopping small branches. For chopping larger pieces of wood, however, we recommend our axes and hatchets. For gardening, a medium-length machete (between 30 cm and 45 cm) offers a good balance of control and cutting ability.

Machetes in Hunting and Fishing

Some people use machetes for processing game or fish. Their sharp blade is effective for skinning or butchering.

FAQs: Machete

What material should the blade be made of?

Similar to knives, you often have a choice between stainless steel and the harder but non-stainless carbon steel. The better material largely depends on the intended use. Carbon steel blades are more durable but require more maintenance. For occasional use, stainless steel is often the better choice.

What accessories and features should I consider?

The machete should always come with a sheath for secure belt transport. Many machetes also include a wrist strap to prevent accidental loss during use, enhancing safety for you and your companions.

Furthermore, there are models equipped with a back saw, expanding them into multi-functional tools. Such variants are especially useful in bushcraft or tasks requiring both cutting and sawing, eliminating the need to switch between different tools.

How often should the machete be cleaned?

You should ideally clean your machete after each use. Dirt, acids, and salts can promote rust formation. Surface rust can be removed relatively easily with a cloth and, if available, a polishing paste. If not, regular toothpaste can also serve this purpose.

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