Broad Selection of Magazine Pouches at ASMC

Whether carrying a service weapon or passionately engaging in airsoft, magazine pouches are essential for storing necessary equipment and being well-prepared for all challenging situations in the field or on the playing field. ASMC's range of ammunition pouches is extensive, offering the perfect variant for every need. We stock numerous magazine pouches from premium brands such as Tasmanian Tiger, Zentauron, or Condor, which have proven themselves in the tough daily routines of professionals and convince many users in their daily work!

Ammunition Pouches for Every Application Area

Generally, ammunition pouches are essential for those carrying a service weapon or for those who want to be optimally prepared for all situations while engaging in airsoft in their leisure time. Magazine pouches are essentially an upgrade of the original equipment, allowing additional equipment to be carried and readily accessible at all times.
As the name suggests, ammunition pouches are used to store spare magazines that can be quickly accessed if needed. Similarly, magazine pouches also protect the carried ammunition: they prevent dust, mud, and moisture from damaging the spare magazines and potentially affecting their usability.
With our extensive range of magazine pouches from established premium manufacturers, we cover almost every field of application with the right equipment and can accommodate the storage of ammunition from many different weapons.
In addition to a variety of single pouches suitable for single magazines, we also offer plenty of double mag pouches or multiple magazine pouches that can accommodate two or more magazines in total.
Depending on the intended use, magazine pouches also differ in that some are open, allowing quick access to the contained ammunition, while others are fully enclosed to effectively protect their contents from external influences.

Anchoring Various Magazine Pouches to Equipment

Any number of magazine pouches can be attached to various pieces of equipment, significantly expanding the original storage capabilities. They can be attached, for example, to a duty belt or backpacks, allowing the user to carry a lot of additional equipment and have everything readily accessible at all times.
Many ammunition pouches differ in their respective attachment method: while some are attached to the equipment using conventional strap loops, others are supplemented with the so-called MOLLE system.
MOLLE, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is used in the military for lightweight and modular carrying gear. Thanks to this attachment system, any number of magazine pouches can be individually attached to the equipment using MOLLE loops.

Questions: Magazine Pouches

What materials are magazine pouches available in?

We offer a variety of robust, resilient magazine pouches made of nylon, plastic, or leather, with leather typically being the preferred choice as leather ammunition pouches are particularly durable and water-resistant.

What different designs of ammunition pouches are available?

You can choose between simple magazine pouches, double and multiple pouches in the ASMC range. We also offer both closed and open ammunition pouches.

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