High-Quality Performance Underwear from ASMC

For effective protection against wind and weather, we offer a variety of high-quality performance underwear from renowned manufacturers like Brynje, X-Bionic, or Icebreaker. They all specialize in long underwear that confidently protects users from biting cold and keeps weather influences away from the body. ASMC's range is extensive, encompassing over 200 different products in the categories of performance underwear and long underwear for both duty and everyday wear.

Long Underwear for Colder Days

Those who don't want to freeze in winter, even in snow and ice, need them: long underwear. It forms the bottom layer of clothing and is worn directly on the body. The climate-regulating properties keep the body warm and dry at all times. Performance underwear has an insulating effect that protects the body from wind and weather.
Especially outdoor enthusiasts or soldiers in their daily service rely on long underwear that reliably protects them from weather influences. Those who have to be outdoors appreciate the effective performance underwear from manufacturers like Woolpower or Icebreaker. But even for those who prefer to spend their leisure time outdoors, long underwear is an important part of their clothing for unclouded outdoor enjoyment.

Features of High-Quality Performance Underwear

Long underwear is primarily characterized by its climate-regulating properties. Due to the special materials, performance underwear transports excess heat away from the body while still insulating against external cold and wind, preventing them from approaching the body.
Another positive feature of performance underwear lies in its quick-drying materials, which are capable of absorbing a certain amount of moisture and transporting it away from the body, keeping it warm and dry at all times.
To ensure that the long underwear feels pleasantly soft on the skin, manufacturers use specific materials that do not scratch or cause skin irritation. This, combined with the other aforementioned features, ensures maximum wearing comfort during any activity.

Long Underwear Made from Sheep's Wool

Sheep are exposed to all weather capers unprotected in the wild throughout the year. They are protected from adverse weather conditions by the special protective properties of their wool.
Manufacturers like Woolpower or Icebreaker take advantage of these natural protective properties in the design of their performance underwear. Long underwear made from sheep's wool is characterized by special thermoregulating properties that keep the body warm and dry at all times.
In addition, performance underwear made from wool fibers feels particularly comfortable on the skin: it does not scratch and absorbs moisture, ensuring optimal body climate at all times. Long underwear made from sheep's wool ensures that excess heat is removed from the body and regulates the climate constantly, thus providing long-lasting high breathability.

Frequently Asked Questions: Long Underwear

What size should long underwear be worn in?

Performance underwear should fit snugly against the body without causing pressure points. When trying on, make sure the long underwear does not restrict movement.
To determine the correct size of your performance underwear, we recommend referring to the ASMC size chart.

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