Cold Protection Jackets – Prepared for Every Weather Condition

Special cold protection jackets are worn as outerwear to keep extreme outdoor conditions such as high sub-zero temperatures and strong winds away from the body. Their insulating effect is achieved through natural filling materials or innovative synthetic fabrics, which create multiple layers to act as a buffer against cold.

Considerations When Buying Cold Protection Jackets

In the ASMC shop, all jackets in this category are listed with a recommended temperature range, which may include different zones such as comfort and extreme. Many models feature compression sacks for easy packing in travel luggage. For additional protection against precipitation, choose a jacket with an optional removable hood.


- Many jackets use tested insulation materials typically found in sleeping bags, capable of withstanding temperatures down to double-digit sub-zeros.

- A drawstring or toggles allow for precise adjustment around the collar and sleeves, ensuring no gaps for cold air to penetrate.

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