Authentic Military Orders at ASMC Shop

For centuries, orders and badges have represented individual merits or affiliations with various organizations in the military. The orders from our online shop, as genuine militaria, also contribute to fame and honor.

Dress Stylishly with Suits or Costumes Complete with Matching Orders and Decorations

All the orders presented here are simply and securely attached to clothing using a safety pin or ribbon bar. After unpacking the order, it can be easily affixed to the lapel of a shirt or jacket, with the thin pins ensuring that the fabric of upscale attire remains undamaged. Note that the ribbon bar is not necessarily included with the order, so please check the respective description.

To maintain the order's shiny appearance over time, secure storage and good care are recommended, taking into account the specific material of the order or badge.

Questions: Orders

Are the orders presented here actual militaria?

All militaria orders available for purchase on ASMC's online shop are high-quality replicas. Many attributes such as size, design, or material closely resemble those of originals from the German Bundeswehr, US military, and other armed forces. Minor variations in design are natural, aiming to honor the individuals who truly earned these through their military service, such as the Knight's Cross.

What significance do the individual orders hold?

To learn more about the history of a specific order, it's worthwhile to look at the additional information provided for each item. Our range includes numerous models, from medals of merit for individual units to awards from the Royal Air Force, each carrying its own significance and origin story. Examples include awards from World War I or II, as well as orders from the DDR.

Do orders and ribbons always come together?

Yes, every order from our selection always comes with the matching ribbon bar. The ribbon's color selection also adds to its authentic character and carries independent significance based on the type of award, as different color combinations are possible.

Where else are orders and badges used?

Orders also find unconventional uses, such as in carnivals and masquerade parties. They have long been used in famous satirical speeches or simply to complete a "normal" costume.

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