Lange Hosen und Trekkinghosen in großer Auswahl bei ASMC

Whether it's long pants, tactical pants, or trekking pants, these garments are always in demand. They come in many different designs, with the right model for every application. We offer a wide range of long pants and a diverse selection of trekking pants for every occasion. Manufacturers like Leo Köhler, Vintage Industries, or Brandit dominate our range and impress with their functionality and quality.

Lange Hosen für jede Gelegenheit

We offer many long pants that cover all application areas completely. Whether you're looking for functional trekking pants for your next active vacation or casual jeans, you'll find them at ASMC.
Renowned manufacturers like Alpha Industries or 5.11 are committed to satisfying their customers with high-quality long pants. ASMC carefully selects its products and brands to present a range that impresses across the board with quality and functionality.
We stock plenty of trekking pants that are comfortable to wear thanks to their comfortable cuts and pleasant fabrics for all activities. Trekking pants usually feature multiple pockets to accommodate essential gear for hikes. These functional long pants also feature deliberately chosen fabrics that are sometimes water-repellent and windproof, as well as odor-resistant, making them ideal for longer tours over several days. Trekking pants are also available as zip-off versions for easy adaptation to external conditions.
In addition to trekking pants, our long pants category also offers a wide range of sport pants, tactical jeans, and other casual pants. We mostly offer trekking pants in plain uni-colors.
For those who are fans of international camouflage patterns, ASMC also has a lot to offer. Whether in classic German Flecktarn, Tigerstripe, or Multicam - we have the right long pants for everyone!

Trekkinghosen: Lange Hosen für ausgedehnte Wanderungen

Trekking pants are particularly suitable for extensive hikes. They are long pants that, thanks to their functional materials and many practical features, are particularly suitable for outdoor activities. Manufacturers choose particularly robust fabrics for their trekking pants, which convince with high breathability and durability.
Long pants designed specifically for hiking are usually made from moisture- and climate-regulating materials. Trekking pants are deliberately cut slightly wider to ensure maximum comfort without restricting movement.
The right trekking pants meet all weather conditions and reliably protect against wind and weather. Long pants suitable for extensive outdoor activities typically come with numerous pockets for flashlights, knives, and much more!

Die Zip-Off-Variante der Trekkinghosen

Trekking pants are simply ideal for longer hikes. To provide users with additional comfort and to adapt precisely to external conditions, some long pants offer the option of transforming into shorts in no time.
By means of a zipper, usually located in the ¾ length of the legs, trekking pants can be easily converted. This allows the user to react to weather changes during longer tours. Long pants that can be unzipped are particularly beneficial during significant temperature fluctuations.

Fragen: Jacken

Was ist beim Anprobieren zu beachten?

To determine the right trekking pants, users should try them on and perform various movements such as squats to ensure freedom of movement is not restricted.

In welcher Größe sind lange Hosen und Trekkinghosen zu empfehlen?

Since such long pants are primarily used for activities requiring great freedom of movement, we recommend buying trekking pants slightly larger rather than too tight. To determine the correct size, we are happy to refer you to the ASMC size chart.

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