Casual Polo Shirts from ASMC

Polo shirts are a popular garment suitable for nearly every occasion. Our range of high-quality polo shirts is extensive, offering the perfect model for all needs. We stock a wide selection of polo shirts from renowned brands like Under Armour, Tru Spec, and Alpha Industries, known for their functionality and optimal fit.

Polo Shirts: Functional Casuals for Every Occasion

Whether for sports activities, outdoor tours, or everyday wear, our polo shirts are versatile and offer maximum comfort. Polo shirts are true all-rounders suitable for any occasion.

One of the key style features of these popular polo shirts is their casual fit, promising optimal freedom of movement and maximum comfort. Their collars give them a more serious look compared to simple t-shirts, making them suitable for professional settings. They are less formal than dress shirts but more refined than basic t-shirts, making them the perfect middle ground suitable for work and leisure.

Brands like Under Armour or 5.11 excel with their choice of materials, often allowing these popular polo shirts to be worn for multiple days. Under Armour typically uses fabrics that prevent the formation of odor-causing microbes, thus reducing unpleasant odors like sweat.

Our polo shirts are predominantly available in plain colors such as grey or olive. However, for those who prefer a military look, we also offer polo shirts in various camouflage prints.

What Sets Polo Shirts Apart from Other T-Shirts

Polo shirts are characterized by their collar, often featuring a button placket. Additionally, most polo shirts have cuffs on the sleeves, adding a touch of elegance to these beloved classics.
With their appearance, polo shirts strike a balance between sporty and elegant. These versatile garments are suitable not only for sports activities but also make a great impression in professional settings.

Thanks to their loose and casual fit, polo shirts offer excellent comfort combined with functionality and an appealing look. They are a practical alternative to traditional dress shirts and pair well with jeans or dress pants.

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