Shovels Have Versatile Uses in the Outdoor Sector

Whether camping, in the military, or during other outdoor missions, a shovel should always be carried. There are small and lightweight models that fold up and take up very little space when collapsed.

Shovels are Extremely Easy to Use

A field shovel can be useful not only in the military but also while camping or engaging in other outdoor activities. It is small, handy, and lightweight. The handle can be easily folded away, allowing the shovel to fit into a backpack or bag. Many outdoor bags offer the option to attach the shovel to the outside of the bag for quick access. These shovels are used for securing tents or lines or for digging holes according to specific requirements. Professional models feature high-quality construction with a sharp metal shovel blade.

Field Shovels are Practical and Easy to Transport

Unlike garden tools, a field shovel has a very short handle. It is equipped with a practical folding mechanism and is inherently narrower. Often, the device can be folded up and down with just one hand. At ASMC, shovels are available in various designs and materials, such as carbon steel or stainless steel. Some models include a grip, while smaller models that can be conveniently stored in a backpack do not.

Expert Tip: If no shovel is available or it is broken, there is a "natural" alternative

The digging stick. As a substitute for the shovel, it facilitates digging holes or excavating roots in survival courses or similar activities. It's best to use hardwood sticks as they can withstand rough conditions like scraping in firm ground. One end can be sharpened to ease initial digging.

Questions: Shovels

What is the difference between a shovel and a spade?

The main difference lies in their primary applications. When digging up roots, trees, or shrubs, the ground is usually harder or more tangled. A spade is advisable for easier penetration into the soil due to its stepped edge, which allows it to be forcefully stepped on with boots or garden shoes. This makes it effective for penetrating firmer ground. For sand or loose soil, however, a (large) shovel is advantageous because it does not taper sharply like a spade and thus has more surface area for collecting material or soil at once.
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