Duty Gloves from ASMC for Reliable Protection in Everyday Service

In everyday service, the hands are particularly exposed to dangers. Duty gloves, specially developed for service, ensure reliable protection and maximum safety. We offer a wide range of premium brands such as 5.11, Mechanix Wear, or Blackhawk, which make the daily work of police and military safer and reliably protect the hands from external influences.

What Makes Duty Gloves Special?

Whether in the police, military, or a special unit: The safety of all personnel is always a priority. The protection of our hands plays an enormously important role in this. To ensure that the hard daily service is endured without injuries, well-known manufacturers such as Mechanix or Blackhawk have made it their mission to develop special duty gloves for professional users. Their task is to protect against the daily dangers in service. Duty gloves are designed to provide reliable protection from external influences without restricting freedom of movement. They are the perfect combination of the necessary protective properties for service paired with grip and dexterity. The duty gloves must not hinder the user in performing their tasks and must still ensure maximum safety without any compromises.

What Types of Duty Gloves Are There?

There are many different types of duty gloves that cater to the specific conditions of everyday service for police, military, as well as special units and security services. To find the right duty gloves, it is important to consider the material and its wearing or protective properties. The new companions must be precisely tailored to the requirements and tasks of one's daily service. The user can choose from a variety of options. From professional access gloves with protectors made of cut-resistant Spectra to shooting gloves made of warming neoprene, there is a suitable model for all areas of application. Depending on the intended use, some duty gloves are equipped with impact-absorbing padding or special cut-resistant inserts. For heavy use under the influence of heat and fire, special duty gloves made of flame-retardant materials have been developed. Additionally, there is a distinction between needle-resistant gloves and special shooting gloves. Our range covers a wide spectrum of application areas and offers the user the opportunity to secure reliable all-around protection for the entire hand. All duty gloves have proven themselves in tough everyday service and provide excellent protection combined with high flexibility in use.

Kevlar Duty Gloves for Reliable Protection in Challenging Situations

Kevlar gloves set new standards in occupational safety: The material of these special gloves provides excellent protective properties that are essential for performing various tasks. Thanks to the robust structure of the aramid fiber, Kevlar aramids offer excellent protective properties that are prerequisites for performing many tasks in industry and craftsmanship. These special work gloves can meet the highest safety standards and provide reliable all-around protection. Kevlar work gloves are characterized by their extremely high tear and cut resistance, as well as outstanding temperature resistance. This allows them to meet the highest demands and provide reliable protection in various situations. Furthermore, the material is extremely grippy and delivers top performance in all tasks. As a result, these work gloves are primarily used in work involving sharp-edged objects or high temperatures. The aforementioned protective and wearing properties make Kevlar work gloves the perfect combination of maximum protection and best dexterity, making them the ideal companion for various tasks.

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