Outdoor Shoes for Duty and Leisure by ASMC

Our range of high-quality outdoor shoes is extensive and offers the right model for all needs. Our premium brands such as Lowa, Hanwag, or Salomon impress discerning customers with high-quality operational shoes that meet the challenges of tough duty days. Similarly, our terrain-suitable outdoor shoes from top brands have proven themselves as ideal companions for sports and leisure.

Outdoor Shoes by ASMC: Comfortable, Durable, Slip-Resistant

Our extensive range of outdoor shoes offers the right model for almost all preferences and applications. The high-quality operational shoes from our premium brands have proven themselves on various terrains and satisfy demanding users.

For unspoiled outdoor enjoyment during extensive hikes, footwear is a crucial factor: outdoor shoes provide the necessary safety off paved paths and significantly facilitate walking even on longer marches.

Lowa, Salomon, and others have made it their mission to produce operational shoes that ensure users optimal wearing comfort paired with necessary slip resistance. Our outdoor shoes are designed to deliver optimal grip even off paved paths, utilizing special sole constructions and profiles. All our outdoor shoes offer maximum slip resistance and optimal grip.

For the best wearing comfort, our operational shoes impress with special climate properties. Our outdoor shoes are characterized by optimal air circulation, ensuring good foot climate at all times.

Last but not least, the operational shoes from our premium brands excel in terms of quality: they require longevity as well as best performance on every terrain!

Operational Shoes as an Essential Part of Hiking Equipment

An important part of hiking gear is definitely footwear. The right operational shoes not only provide optimal grip on various terrains but also allow for noticeably longer hikes. This is because the special sole constructions of our operational shoes contribute to fatigue-free foot rolling.

However, this is not the main feature of our outdoor shoes: primarily, ASMC's operational shoes are characterized by their special wearing properties and optimal walking comfort. They provide the necessary slip resistance and grip in the terrain, protecting the user from injuries such as slipping. ASMC's outdoor shoes are comfortable and provide optimal grip in various deployment areas. Our operational shoes are characterized by the non-slip, profiled nature of their soles, making them the ideal companion for extensive hikes in diverse terrain.

Lastly, ASMC's outdoor shoes score high with high resilience and particularly robust materials, which are mostly abrasion-resistant and allow for optimal air circulation thanks to special membranes.

Questions: Terrain Shoes

Why are the right outdoor shoes indispensable?

Good footwear is an essential part of hiking equipment. Regardless of the extent of these tours, ASMC's operational shoes excel in every respect with excellent wearing comfort and best performance. Our outdoor shoes enable fatigue-free foot rolling even on longer marches and provide the necessary slip resistance on various terrains, thus preventing injuries from slipping and facilitating tours in rough terrain due to better grip.

Which materials are best suited for outdoor shoes?

Renowned manufacturers like Lowa or Hanwag often produce their operational shoes using traditional manufacturing methods and frequently use nubuck or bovine leather. However, synthetic or faux leather outdoor shoes are increasingly gaining popularity due to their excellent breathability and thus optimal air circulation. Additionally, the latter two materials are more flexible in adapting to the individual foot shape. Outdoor shoes made of leather require much more care compared to operational shoes made of synthetic materials or similar. To prevent the leather from drying out and becoming porous, such operational shoes should be regularly treated with shoe wax.

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