Well Placed in Matters of Hygiene

Electricity, running water: In the pristine wilderness, many everyday conveniences are far removed. Innovative equipment from ASMC helps with personal hygiene outdoors.

How Much Hygiene Should You Forego in the Outdoor Area?

Out of the office, without a tie and etiquette, into (untouched) nature. For a while, reducing bathroom rituals can be relaxing. The beard grows, the hair dries in the air. Some leave deodorant, face wash, and mirrors at home to reduce luggage. However, essential cleaning and skin protection products should never be omitted. An active body sweats, and moisture and dirt create a breeding ground for bacteria. The most affected parts of the body are the hands - proper handwashing is the only solution here.

Interesting fact: Bathroom door handles made of metal hardly transmit germs, whereas plastic handles unfortunately provide a breeding ground for germs.

A Visit to the Hygiene and Sanitary Articles Section is Always Worthwhile

So that relaxation and adventure are fun even beyond civilization, here is a selection of functional essentials. Important selection criteria are the type and duration of the camping/outdoor trip.

Toiletry Bags and Shaving Kits

When less is more necessary, compact toiletry bags and shaving kits are indispensable. They feature integrated mesh pockets, Velcro closures, unbreakable mirrors, and hanging options. Individualists will also find trendy designs to their liking.

Skin Protection/Care

A well-structured range of useful cosmetic items, from insect repellents, hand sanitizers, tick tweezers, and tweezers to travel toothbrushes and vacuum suction pumps for toxins (animal bites), provide excellent services for all eventualities.


You can manage without water and soap with disposable shower towels. However, when it gets really wet, travel towels made of absorbent microfiber fabric are ideal. Thanks to perfect moisture management, they also dry quickly.

Doing Business and Showering on the Go

Ideal sanitary aids for the outdoor area are user-friendly and space-saving. Practical examples include washable urinals that allow women to urinate clothed and standing. Disposable toilet seat covers provide a piece of home comfort when camping. Universally applicable outdoors are innovative solar showers with hanging devices, large capacity, and integrated hoses with showerheads. Smart toilets: Foldable toilets for enhanced hygiene and convenience.

Expert Tip:

Use Baking Soda as a Universal Remedy - Not Just for the Hygiene Area

Baking soda is considered an all-around remedy for many areas. It can also remove stubborn stains, e.g., from insulated flasks with tea residues. In emergencies, it can be mixed with cinnamon to serve as toothpaste. However, baking soda can be used in many other areas as well, such as dishwashing (hence the ideal cleaning agent against tea or coffee residues) or as foot deodorant.

Questions: Hygiene

What to Do in Extreme Subzero Temperatures?

For example, toothpaste can unfortunately freeze quickly once it reaches a certain sub-zero temperature. Therefore, there are tablets specifically for the outdoor area. Water and other liquids may also freeze, so you may need to use powdered products for washing the rest of your body.

What to Do When There's No Toilet Paper Available?

Leaves and/or fine sand may help in such situations. However, both should be used with caution and only in emergency situations.

How to Best Protect Brought Toilet Paper from Rain?

There are also special outdoor toilet paper holders that protect the paper from rain and, due to their waterproofness, can remain outdoors - for example, hanging on a tree. Additionally, the roll does not get crushed during transport.

Is There Special Outdoor Toilet Paper?

Yes, this paper is designed to decompose more easily/quickly. Especially for nature or caravan toilets, this is very helpful in preventing blockages.

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